No Make-up, Raw Beauty Portraits Campaign.

17, March 2014
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No Make-up, Raw Beauty Portraits Campaign.No Make-up, Raw Beauty Portraits Campaign.No Make-up, Raw Beauty Portraits Campaign.
No Make-up, Raw Beauty Portraits Campaign. has launched the portrait campaign called “RAW Beauty; the girl without cosmetic and retouching make-up”.¦

Many years ago, there were stories about Anorexia in the teenage girls who want to be skinny like super models. Some even went through plastic surgery and it seems like they never appreciate with their beauty. Advertising and beauty photo always show girls in what we could call “perfect look” but these might reflect the concept of wrong self-acceptance, low self-esteem and misconception of beauty.

Several social organizations started to recognize the concept of Perfect beauty in portrait photo which surely is women goal. Retouching or photo editing program are commonly used to create the perfect look, however, sometime it went too far and the concept of beauty was distorted. Many studios, including publishing, had reconsidered using the model portrait in advertising. For example, France, Britain and USA had the idea to label on images ‘Healthy Warning’ to remind that this image was edited or retouched. There was a big case in advertising industry when an ad, the one with Taylor Swift’s portrait for mascara advertising, had been banned because of excessive use of photoshop. By this case, retouching to be too perfect might not the good way.

Erin Treloar, Pilates studio co-owner was the one who went on too much diet when she was teenager. It was a result of low self-acceptance and self-esteem and it became a problem. So, she has launched website and project named Raw Beauty Talk to present the Portrait of women in several careers with no make-up or any retouching program and their interview on the website.

She used the website to cultivate the concept of self-acceptance and self-esteem to all women. She said that wrinkle line, small lash, laugh line, sun spot, these all are simply beautiful. What if those things had sex appeal and brought us confidences?  What if we were happier?  Would we rely on our heart and brains to make an impression instead of our looks? She doesn’t really know the answer yet but the little voice in her mind that once told her to eat less is now telling that she has to find out more.

Let’s find out the answer with her by the interview and photo collection Raw Beauty at;



Image Courtesy of “Murray Ash / Melissa Gidney”