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Digital Camera Swimming Mask by Liquid ImageDigital Camera Swimming Mask by Liquid ImageGadgetMany people might have experience with both snorkeling and underwater photography, now it will be much easier. Digital Camera Swimming mask by Liquid Image enable you to capture both still and moving image of the underwater world. Published: 01, July 2014   0 Like  0 Share  0 CommentShoot first, focus later with Lytro IllumShoot first, focus later with Lytro IllumGadgetUpdateCamera technology these days provides user better experience and now you can refocus again after press the shutter button. Lytro Illum is a new model of light-field camera which allows you to refocus inside image after taking photo; you can just shoot first then adjust the image the image focus later.Published: 29, May 2014   0 Like  0 Share  0 CommentRicoh Theta Camera, 360 view optic in 1 shot.Ricoh Theta Camera, 360 view optic in 1 shot.GadgetUpdateIn order to get 360 degrees seamless panorama you will need a special tripod, some knowledge about light effect and finally intensive effort. But now it’s going to be a lot easier once Ricoh Theta Camera arrived, just 1 shot and you can get 360 degrees view in 1 image.Published: 29, May 2014   0 Like  0 Share  0 Comment