Cobra Gold 2013

06, March 2013
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COBRA GOLD or CBG is a call sign for the biggest annual co-exercise in South-east Asia. COBRA GOLD becomes more and more important exercise each year since the United State wants to emphasize its interest in this region, not only military aspect but also humanitarian support and relief. ¦It has been proofed that many exercises are absolutely useful, especially when countries have to deal with disaster and conflict. Readiness is above everything.


In this year there are new countries participate in CBG2013, for instance, Myanmar (as an observer) or Indonesia and Malaysia (Troops participate in NEO – Non combatant personal evacuate operation). The aim of this exercise is to share valuable plus unique techniques which come from various experiences among participants. CBG also helps connect each country, build understanding and prepare units for any event, often worst cases, that might occur.