Chiang Mai Local Sewing Businesses

30, August 2012
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Chiang Mai has a long history of its fabulous clothes industry. In old time people loved to have their clothes cut by these sewers or tailors. There were local hand-made sewing shops all around every corners of inner Chiang Mai. ¦Different kinds of cloth from commercial northern style dress, unique hand-made clothes to tailor’s suit are made by those local sewing businesses.


 Now many sewing clothes businesses have to face the change when large quantity of much cheaper clothes from China are importing into market. Low cost and huge quantity make local businesses hard to compete with. Even though hand-made clothes have better quality but they need longer time to produce one. They also have less variety when compare with imported clothes and most of them are consider as old fashion for many teenagers. This trend makes these local sewing businesses hard to compete with imported clothes.


Rather than open a large fabric factory some shops have linked themselves together. They sometime receive order from clients, mostly demand for huge quantity, and share the order among each other. By this way they could produce faster while still be able to preserve clothes quality, however, time consuming isn’t the only problem. In order to survive they need to change how they work and how people brand themselves. It can’t be only old fashion style anymore. Some local sewers have turned to cut more unique or special clothes, religious, evening dress or even cosplay – animation or cartoon clothes. They also produce clothes that foreign singers or actress use. It means they will have to improve their skill and learn more new idea of fashion style. Survival rate of local sewing businesses are up to how they could adapt to the trend and only time could tell the result.