"The Bodies of Mothers" nude portrait to cherish the body of mom

12, May 2014
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Many mothers usually feel bad about their changing body. Jade Baell created a series of nude photograph of women after giving birth in order to reflect a better attitude about body as well as to reduce stress.¦

Many women often find themselves feeling bad about their body especially after giving birth when their body enlarged and gain more weight. Jade used to share the same feeling as other mother but since she posts her own nude portrait online, there were many supports from audience around the world. As a result she begins the project called "A Beautiful Body Project: The Bodies of Mothers". Several mothers join this campaign and volunteer themselves as models. Jade hope that this project will reflect the beauty inside of women where perfection is not necessary.

"There is no one else like you. Our variety and differences give greater meaning and depth to the concept of what beautiful truly is! We need you. I need you. You belong here. You are beautiful."

For those who are interested with this project, book is available on Amazon .com this 11th May.


Credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2614822/Stretch-marks-saggy-tummies-beautiful-Stunning-nude-photos-reveal-women-REALLY-look-like-giving-birth.html

Image Courtesy of "Jade Baell."