See Cobra Gold in Black & White Film

15, March 2014
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Nowadays, despite taht film create unique mood and tone for the image, only few photojournalist and documentary photography still rely on film, especially in Thailand. There are many reason¦ that make photographer stop using film for news image or related genres, for instance, film cost is higher and it needs longer time to develop and process. Film also requires great care both during shooting and in developing process.

In contrast, digital format is much faster and itsi easier to deal with. Digital format is also cheaper and integrated well with news cycle. However, some photographers still addicted to the uniqness of film, the mood and tone as well as the feeling of film. MEAL's photographer, Karntachat Raungratanaamporn, try to bring film back to his work cycle by shooting some part of the biggest co-military exercise in South-east Asia, Cobra Gold 2014. Hopefully to see some new aspects in this annually event.

All images shooting in film are develop and process by photographer himself.