In Combat Execises, Cobra Gold 2014

26, March 2014
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Every year soldier s from alliance countries gathered in Cobra Gold to participate in the largest military exercise in South-east Asia. Several exercises were conducted, for instance, Beach Assault and CALFEX¦ or Combine Arms Live Fire Exercise. ¦However, this year is surprisingly quite different when there were more public services and more countries participated, not only to observe like in the past. It might be a new sign to proof that military strength is not only an option in these days.

In the past US sought to expand its influence over this region, the South-east Asia. Influence comes in various forms and one of them is via military actions which include combat exercise. But recently it’s gradually change due to the development of the situation. In Cobra Gold this year not only combat exercises were conducted but also many humanitarian aids and public services. By providing what civil needs, understanding and good image could be created and better acknowledged.

Cobra Gold also included an important exercise, NEO – Non Combatant Evacuation Operation, which had proofed how useful it was in 2011 when Japan struggled with Tsunami. It also included the civil uproar control with non-lethal weapon and martial art.

Even though Cobra Gold may come from an attempt to expand influence but cooperate is very crucial. Study and learn from each other, join force and work together is such an important key to tackle today’s conflicts and problems. There were more civil relate operation, more participants. This might be a good sign for longer term of understanding and cooperation.