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Hitakisai, pray to Inari God for fertility.Hitakisai, pray to Inari God for fertility.ArticleArt & CultureHitakisai is a ritual of fire worship to Inari Okami, an old traditional white fox god which is the symbol of prosperity and Abundant. The ceremony is conducted every fall when the harvest season draws near to warship the Inari god for agricultural fertility.Published: 02, January 2013   0 Like  0 Share  0 Comment“Spirit Dance” the soul of Lanna People“Spirit Dance” the soul of Lanna PeopleArticleArt & Culture“Spirit” is an important part of Lanna, people in the north of Thailand, culture. People believe that spirit can brings fertility and peace to everyday life. Living people usually request spirit’s power, especially from their own ancestors’ spirit – called “Pee Mod Pee Meng”, to help protect their family. Published: 21, May 2012   0 Like  0 Share  0 CommentThe Family of Hiroshi Ishiguro’s GeminoidsThe Family of Hiroshi Ishiguro’s GeminoidsArticleArt & CultureCome see this VDO clip of Geminoid DK*, there was the moment I wasn’t sure myself if he was real human or just humanoid. Since the beginning of the history of android studies, there’s never come yet the day that human-like robot can be really like a person. The problem, firstly and clearly seen, is on the appearance. Published: 02, May 2012   0 Like  0 Share  0 Comment