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Japanese military after World War II - Part 2Japanese military after World War II - Part 2ArticleMilitaryNot only treat from North Korea, Japan also received high pressure from the Republic of China. In case there is conflict, Japan cannot deploy its forces against China and it is nearly impossible to fight the red army. Moreover, China becomes great competitor in trading, commerce and natural resource gathering, especially fossil fuel. From trading to military, China also seizes more and more influence in Asia from Japan.Published: 09, August 2012   0 Like  0 Share  0 CommentJapanese military after World War IIJapanese military after World War IIArticleMilitaryAfter two atomic bombs “Little Boy” hit Hiroshima on 6th of August 1945 and “Fat man” hit Nagasaki on 9th of the same year the role of Japanese military was completely transformed. For more than half a decade Japan has to re-organize itself to find a position in World stage. It is such a challenge for a country that its military was upside-down changed. Published: 09, August 2012   0 Like  0 Share  0 Comment