Thai Dragon Boat

02, May 2012
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Dragon Boat is one of the most famous Chinese traditions and competition that spread around the world. The history of Dragon Boat start from the story of loyal poet who commit suicide by drown himself into the river after his motherland was conquered. People who had known about this tried to find his body, however, they can’t find his body. With fear that poet’s body will be eaten by fish, they threw bamboo pipes with sticky rice inside into river to become animal’s food instead. Since then it become a kind of food that always eat when Dragon Boat ceremony comes.

Dragon boat is not only Chinese tradition but it is also world-wide competition. There are many athletes around the world, for example, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more. Even royal members of United Kingdom also participate in this water sport.

In order to row a dragon rowers need to practice hard. It requires strength, concentration and most important factor, unity. In recent year Thai Dragon Boat team has earned a lot of success with bronze medal in Beijing Olympic game. They also won the Dragon Boat Carnival in Hong Kong as well.

In 2011 and 2012, MEAL receive a great opportunity to become the main still photograph team who in charge of recording almost every races of the National Dragon Boat Competition, the race that might makes your heart beat fast.